Xtorrent 2.1 Build 171

Xtorrent 2.1 Build 171



Size:2.6 MB

Date Added:01 January, 2013

Author: Spectacular Apps

Category: Internet  >  Miscellaneous

Easiest torrent search, ever.

Enter your keywords and Xtorrent instantly searches torrent sites all across the web. It's that simple.

Results begin popping up immediately in a simple table view, ranked by quality. You can even browse the contents of search results before you download.

Once you've found your torrent, just click 'download'. Search and download within a single app - pioneered by Xtorrent.

New in Xtorrent 2 is an open search feature that gives you control over the sites used to search.

Xtorrent 2 lets you choose from a roster of popular torrent search engines, picking only the sites of interest to you. If your favorite torrent site isn't included for some reason, you can easily add it and Xtorrent will begin using it for searches.

Xtorrent 2 introduces Xcore, a new torrent engine written from the ground up exclusively for Mac OS X. It's 100% Cocoa and uses the latest technologies in Mac OS X Leopard. The result is a lightweight, stable experience that's optimized for the Mac.

Xcore implements a fully modern torrent engine featuring support for all relevant torrent protocols (such as peer exchange and message stream encryption). In plain English, Xcore is lean, mean, and ready for the future.

Under-the-hood improvements are great, but Xtorrent 2 also makes the super easy download user experience even better. It's now even easier to manage your downloads with the addition of a straightforward download queue. It's easy to use - just tell Xtorrent how many simultaneous downloads to allow and the app takes care of the rest. Newly added inline controls make it easy to pause, resume downloads, and override the queue if you so desire.
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Systems: Mac OS X

Tags: download torrent   Torrent Client   seed torrent   torrent   download   seed  

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